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We are experts in sublimation printing services in Malaysia, along with custom T-shirt printing and apparel solutions.

To streamline your experience, we’ve compiled a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about sublimation printing services in Malaysia.

What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing stands out as a distinctive t-shirt printing technique, involving the sublimation of printing ink into the fabric at elevated temperatures.

The result is fully all-over printed apparel with designs embedded within the fabric, providing a smooth texture to the T-shirt.

This highly creative method proves ideal for fashion clothing and T-shirt businesses, as it yields vibrant and captivating colors that enhance the appearance of company uniforms, sports jerseys, and fashion attire.

💡 Is Sublimation Printing Right for You?

Sublimation printing is the perfect choice if your needs align with the following criteria:

1. Printing high-quality, photorealistic designs with a natural appearance.
2. Producing colorful, eye-catching prints, including numbers, letters, and dynamic color patterns.

Most of the apparel we use for sublimation printing is crafted from materials like polyester, duo blend, and microfiber eyelet. For more customized options, don’t hesitate to consult our friendly sales team to explore the feasibility of sublimation printing.

Pro Tip: Sublimation is especially well-suited for sports jerseys!


💡 What is the Turnaround Time for Sublimation T-Shirt Printing?

At, our turnaround time for sublimation printing services typically ranges from 5 to 14 business days from the point of order processing. This timeframe ensures both swift order fulfillment and the production of top-quality screen prints for your custom silk screen shirts, such as sports team tees, streetwear, event shirts, and more!

If you’re in need of sublimation T-shirt printing in Malaysia, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to bring your design concepts to life!

💡 What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for Sublimation Printing?

The great news is that at, there is 5pcs minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement for sublimation printing! However, it’s important to note that printing more items can result in lower overall costs.

💡 What are the Pricing Details?

Pricing depends on factors like the quantity of items you’re printing and the level of customization, such as personalized names and numbers. For example, if you need 20 pieces of our Full Sublimated Jersey, each piece may cost between RM 35 and RM 37 only!

💡 Do You Offer Long Sleeve Products?

Certainly! We provide a diverse range of products for sublimation printing, including long sleeve shirts, Muslimah attire, collar shirts, kids’ clothing, and V-neck T-shirts.

💡 Is Your Pricing the Most Competitive in Malaysia?

Our mission has always been to maintain affordable and competitive sublimation printing pricing within the Malaysian market, especially in Kuala Lumpur. As demonstrated in the example above, our pricing typically ranges from RM 35 to RM 37 per piece, making it highly cost-effective. It’s an excellent choice for crafting your own custom shirts on a budget!

If you come across other vendors offering lower prices, we recommend thoroughly evaluating the quality of the sublimation services they provide to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.


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